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Looking to create positive change within the Fintech sector?

We work with leaders and innovators who want to revolutionise aspects of their business, helping to shift audience perceptions and upturn industry outlooks. You’ll find our team creating digital products, launching ventures, positioning brands, reporting performance, visualising data and engaging stakeholders.

Fast-paced, and nimble to market needs, we particularly enjoy the rewards that come from working within integrated projects, combining our brand and commercial knowledge with digital product insight. Our unique view across finance helps us to determine the best strategy to achieve your wider business goals and help steer project success.

Why Studiomade?

We’ve worked alongside finance behemoths’ such as Broadridge, supporting brand strategy and product creation. Our team helped establish the global brand profile concept of Fund Brand 50 for Mackay Williams and have provided digital and user insight for global accountancy firm Mazars as part of their digital positioning initiative. Working directly with startup founders and entrepreneurs, we launch products and business concepts with the unique digital peer comparison tool instiHub continuing to gain market growth.

Digital product development

We are proud to have launched unique and exciting Fintech initiatives, including both brand and digital product creation. Our approach has taken entrepreneurial ideas from thought creation through to concept, build and market launch. You’ll find our team working side-by side-business founders and innovators, helping them through the ideation process, wireframing and prototyping ideas to help form workable and viable concepts.

Website audit, design and development

We are OpenSource specialists and have strong knowledge across a number of Content Management Systems as well as bespoke frameworks. Our experience across wider brand initiatives and communications means that we can create and reposition your website to deliver core business needs. Whether it is auditing and providing recommendations to brands such as Mazars, one of Europe’s largest accounting firms, as part of their digital footprint analysis – or helping launch new ventures such as the UK’s Pension Super Fund, we ensure a mobile-first, agile approach.

Data within finance

We are experts in data having handled complex financial data projects for UK and overseas brands including fund analysis companies where we have crafted beautiful and knowledge-rich charting tools with data-led functionality. Our experience managing data across a wide range of industries provides an invaluable understanding to how best to display data providing a clear narrative to the audience.

Marketing and social strategy

We understand that marketing is complex; digital channels, social platforms, engagement and reach. We cut through the waffle, helping our clients plan strategies that are appropriate to both their brand and business needs. We support our clients through both the planning and activation process, building creative campaigns that are often supported by owned, paid and earnt engagement. Running PPC and SEO campaigns, we have the skills and experience to aid our clients in communicating with their audience whatever the medium.

Discuss your fintech project with us

Whether it is creating a new brand proposition, crafting a digital product or building an engaging and user-focused campaign we’d love to work with you.

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Multi-sector experience

Creative brand strategy, digital product development and physical engagement united for meaningful results

Clear, reasoned design

Clear, reasoned design thinking guided by business goals, supported by data

In-depth brand knowledge

Global brand experience and insight with cross-sector, cross-platform knowledge

Studiomade by you!

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