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Design thinking within healthcare

At Studiomade, we have built specialist experience across a wide range of projects within healthcare, from repositioning global health data companies and building innovative digitally-led products through to establishing employee engagement strategies for NHS leadership teams.

We’ve enabled clients to adapt to changing industry demands and launched exciting new commercial ventures for aspiring healthcare start-ups. This experience provides us a unique understanding of the healthcare landscape across both the public and private sectors, allowing us to offer valuable insight and advice to organisations whether that be for strategy or potential partnerships.

Clients that have benefitted from this healthcare knowledge include Hearst Health, Map of Medicine, Wilmington Healthcare and JAC. Our work with Dr Foster and Telstra Health helped to position them as a market leading insight brand, pre and post acquisition.


Brand positioning and creative strategy

Our unique view across healthcare helps us to determine the best strategy to achieve your wider business goals and help steer project success. We help refine a brief and provide both direction and support throughout a project to ensure a solution that is delivered within your agreed timelines and budget. Whether better positioning your brand, launching a new venture, creating an engaging digital product or developing a refined digital presence we deliver the same experience and insight across projects small and large.

Website design and development

We are OpenSource specialists and have strong knowledge across a number of Content Management Systems including WordPress and bespoke solutions. Our experience across wider brand initiatives and communications means that we can create a website that delivers what your business needs, whether that be a validator or a sales tool. This can then be designed and developed with a clear brief in mind ensuring that the final product answers all user needs, for both internal and external audiences.

Digital product development

We’ve launched digital products and apps that aim to tackle specific challenges. We understand commercial needs, and have the experience in taking a vision from concept to market launch. We ensure that our clients are equipped with the right information to take the next step and offer our insight based on our wide ranging experience. Recent project success includes the highly rated DrinksMeter app, developed to help monitor and control harmful drinking habits. The app now has over 6,000 new users in the past year and is used across more than 40 countries. This year we have also launched an app used within the U.N as an event management tool for the International Drug Policy Consortium.

Marketing and social strategy

Providing an integrated approach across digital channels, social reach, physical campaigning and more we help our clients plan and implement a strategy that is appropriate to both their brand and organisations needs. Providing skills and in-house expertise to create effective messaging for all audiences across multiple mediums, notable projects include event experiences for Dr Foster/Telstar Health and social growth campaigns for Healthcare at Home.

Data within healthcare

We are experts in data. Having handled complex healthcare data for the likes of The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation, as well as an app managing thousands of anonymous people’s drinking infomration. We launched Dr Foster’s pioneering ‘Hospital Report’ leading to widespread UK media coverage and ultimately industry reform. Our experience across a number of industries gives us a unique understanding of how to effectively display a narrative through data and clearly present insight to any audience.

Discuss your healthtech project with us

Whether it is creating a new brand proposition, crafting a digital product or building an engaging and user-focused campaign we’d love to work with you.

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Multi-sector experience

Creative brand strategy, digital product development and physical engagement united for meaningful results

Clear, reasoned design

Clear, reasoned design thinking guided by business goals, supported by data

In-depth brand knowledge

Global brand experience and insight with cross-sector, cross-platform knowledge

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