Where we work

In person

We work collaboratively with clients face to face and find it valuable, where possible, to gather team members for key meetings and project kickoffs.


We’re proud to support our team and our clients wherever they want to work. As our work is deeply collaborative, we ensure that regular project check-ins and milestones are set up to keep everyone informed.

Around the world

Wherever you are in the world, we can achieve big things together.

Our approach

Working with clients across sectors, we know how to build productive relationships with the power to achieve great things. We’re dedicated to supporting each partner’s vision and helping them hit their goals – here’s how we do it.

Six key principles



Strong partnerships are founded on clear shared aims. So we’ll begin by working with you to define reasoned business goals. That means understanding the problem to be solved, whose needs we’re trying to meet and how the business needs to grow to make it happen.



Good work requires transparency and open communication. That’s why we build in regular check-ins and feedback loops into every project. When we’re all on the same page about expectations, objectives and discoveries, we can work smarter and achieve more.



To succeed, the work we create needs to resonate with the people who matter most: your audience. We’ll work together to understand your consumers, customers or supporters – who they are, what matters to them and how they think about the world.



Professional respect is at the heart of all our partnerships. We value your team’s industry experience and expert insight. You appreciate our extensive knowledge of branding, digital, marketing and creative. By trusting in each other’s strengths we can go further, faster.



We ask questions, lots of them. And we don’t make assumptions – they insult your audience and risk harming your business. By being constantly inquisitive, we can align objectives and find untapped strengths and untold stories. It’ll save you time and money in the long run too.



Every brand needs an authentic voice to express their vision and drive it forward. Without this unique personality, you risk communicating in a way that’s formulaic and disconnected from your purpose. So, we help you define your point of view and how to express it.

Who we are

  • Angelo Iannelli

    Design Director

    Angelo Iannelli
  • Eliza Vilcea


    Eliza Vilcea
  • Emma Marks

    Client Director

    Emma Marks
  • Jono Gold

    Digital Director

    Jono Gold
  • Libby Winfield

    Motion Designer

    Libby Winfield
  • Louisa Hadjipetrou


    Louisa Hadjipetrou
  • Penn Glendinning

    Creative Director

    Penn Glendinning
  • Phil Reid

    Founder & Strategic Director

    Phil Reid
  • Silviya Belahcen

    Growth Manager

    Silviya Belahcen

Looking for a creative partner?

We’re always happy to chat through a brief, analyse a strategy or discuss an idea. The strongest partnerships start with a simple conversation.

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