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  • IFPI Spread
  • Thrive Mobile
  • Fund Brand 50
  • Wilmington Healthcare iPad
  • IDPC app
  • IN
  • Studiomade brand showcase
  • Gallions Reach brochure
  • DCTT header
  • code
  • Data reporting
  • Event Dr Foster
  • Studiomade digital presence
  • DM digital
  • “Thank you once again for all that your team have done over the last few months to make our campaign a success. Studiomade have played a key role throughout, and we’ve greatly appreciated the collaboration. The design is constantly being praised as is the whole professionalism of our strategy – your contribution to that is very much recognised.”

  • TLA cards
  • London landscape
  • Map poster
  • Kannuu
  • Optimistic
  • Fund Brand 50
  • Guinness digital
  • hospital data
  • Data-led design
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