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We’ve worked with FDB on a number of projects both for their marketing and product development teams. AnalyseRx was a new product that they were looking to develop for clinical pharmacists and GPs to support the accuracy and efficiency of prescriptions for their patients. Described as a tool that would augment the existing patient management software (used throughout the NHS), we knew this integration would become one of the key considerations that informed our work.


Starting post-concept, we conducted a joint workshop session to review and understand the work that had been completed to date. We needed to fully appreciate the functionality that was desired and how these matched up against the first wireframes that had been created internally. From there we worked together to create user flows that would show how the product would facilitate the core needs of its users. To aid smoother communication between our teams, we set up a slack channel where all queries could be posted and responded to as they came up.

UI Development

With a central understanding of the product in place, we worked through possible directions for the style of the UI. We clarified a direction based on internal review and presented a refined vision with example executions for the client to critique and sign-off.

We pursued a direction that was both clear in its presentation of information but also vibrant in colour. We used FDB’s brand guidelines to inform our initial decisions and always looked at things alongside the GP patient record software framework that the product would be operating within.

Iteration & Delivery

Once we had an agreed direction, we worked through each of the planned user flows and created flat designed prototypes that could be critiqued by their product development team and updated quickly. We worked through a number of pieces of functionality that hadn’t previously been considered and were able to put together designed flows that sense-checked the usability of these features.With the user flows designed and a design system created, we used Zeplin to share design assets with their development team so that they could have an organised way to access the design spec and assets that they needed as part of their build.

Project success

As an experienced and agile agency, we are able to affect change quickly for our clients. By integrating directly with FDB – we provided a much needed strategic design resource that supported their internal development team. With our own digital infrastructure and engineering capabilities, we were able to advise and extend on the creative work and methodology to build a better product.FDB AnalyseRx is a complete, end-to-end solution collaboratively designed to meet the demanding needs of a complex and time-sensitive user base.

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