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Helping a healthcare data startup clarify and communicate their value

Content strategy, brand development, digital, CMS development



FITFILE is a health information platform for providers of therapeutics and diagnostics who need real world evidence. As an early-stage business moving quickly and growing fast, they came to us having outgrown their previous website. As an organisation, FITFILE were starting to build new partnerships with clients and needed a digital presence that more effectively communicated their value.

Strategy & language

We kicked the project off by working together to understand and streamline how they communicate their position in the market and the unique value they bring to their clients. As a healthcare technology company, there were plenty of acronyms and specific terms used to describe their operations that needed decoding. We worked with them to establish an understanding of their target audience groups and what their perspective would be when visiting the website.

Site design & development

As this project did not involve a full rebrand, we knew the updated website design would need to work alongside some of their current branded materials. We took cues from their logo and current brand style to inform our approach and built out a new visual tone that built on their existing brand language and didn’t make anything they were continuing to use look out of place.

We worked together to establish a content plan for the website and develop the tools they’d need to effectively publish and control their content.

The result

FITFILE are positioned with a clear messaging strategy and tone of voice that best reflects their value and brand.

The modular digital design approach that we have created allows growth alongside the Company, with a flexible architecture esthablished that the brand can build from. We worked directly with their in-house technology team to ensure that site hosting and ongoing management was informed, and have provided a creative direction that will shape brand assets and communications moving forwards.

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