UI and UX design support for new B2B FinTech product powered by Tableau

Funding Insights

Helping craft a new financial digital product

Funding Cloud are an exciting business innovation that facilitate business loans and financing for SME’s and early-stage businesses within the UK and Europe. Their propritery technology, accurately validates your business profile, matching you to the industry’s largest lender network. Funding results are uniquely tailored to each and every business.

Funding Insights is a new digital product aimed at the lenders within this equation. The company wanted to make use of all this data they were accumulating and help show their lenders patterns in applications, usage, uptake and more. However when presenting data to people how it looks and appears is imperative to ensure it’s telling the right stories.

Our client wanted to better leverage Tableau to power this new digital tool, allowing for quick integration with their data to create an array of charting dashboards for their users. Working closely with a Tableau consultant to understand the possibilites of the system and how its use affects font, colour and design choices, we set about roadmapping and designing a fit-for-purpose creative solution.

Creative, UI and UX support

We created a UI and UX style and visual approach that helped signpost users to key data with palette selection, font choice and a real focus on the use of space to allow clarity to the data.

Our team’s impact took place over a short time period (2-4 weeks) and was able to set a design foundation to how Funding Insight would look when fully developed and launch. Integrating with the development team meant our visual suggestions could be realised and achieved as part of this first release.

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