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Getir (Turkish pronunciation: [ɟeˈtiɾ]; “bring” in Turkish) is a start-up founded in 2015. Through its mobile app, it offers an on-demand “ultrafast” delivery service for grocery items, in addition to a courier service for restaurant food deliveries. We have found that SME clients have a quite unique way of working, often delivering at a fast pace and motivated by start up attitudes that often result in a bold approach.

Following its funding round in June 2021 and with operations now spanning the UK and beyond, Getir is worth $7.56 billion. With investment behind them they have started to put in place breathtaking partnerships. The latest of which in the UK (as of November 2021) was with Tottenham Hotspur, signing a three-year agreement to become their new and first-ever training wear partner, increasing its commitment to the club as an official global partner.

We were approached by friends at CAA to help deliver an exciting digital product that would celebrate this milestone partnership. An online competition run within the stadium, that would build brand awareness and engagement as well as incentivising people to download the Getir app.


Our approach

Getir wanted an engaging football-based experience that presented users with a selection of prizes including stadium tours, £10 off the Getir app, signed shirts and more. We were to ensure that users were through the whole experience in around 15 seconds. 

This outlined some key functionality elements that would need consideration from us:

  • The mechanic to select randomized winners
  • The mechanic of the experience/game
  • The user journey time from the experience/game to the Getir app and back again
  • User verification within the Getir app and ensuring a smooth API call from our digital tool to their database


Even though the result of the prize within the digital product was to be randomised and so ultimately users wouldn’t have an impact on the outcome, we wanted to create a sense of gamification. Gamification techniques help leverage people’s natural desires for learning, mastery, achievement, or simply their desire for competition as a response to the framing of a situation as game or play. Creating a sense of gamification allowed our designers to insert gameplay elements into a non-gaming setting with the aim of enhancing user engagement. Fun features meant that we could tap into users’ intrinsic motivations so they enjoy the experience more.

As the total use-time of the app was so condensed, we had to create a simple mechanic that users would know exactly how to interact with and that would have the capacity to present multiple prizes to build suspense and intrigue. This dictated the final decision on the design. 

Look and feel

We used the Getir brand to lead the look and feel for the product, utilising their fonts and colour palette throughout. However as this was such a unique piece for them we had to build a number of new elements. The brand is illustration-based with bright complementary colours and so everything else within the experience had to align to this to keep consistency. We couldn’t have had photo realistic elements sat against animated vectors. We had to find a balance between the brand and bringing personality and life to it, to ensure it was an engaging experience for users.


We did this by creating the crowd within the stadium with flashes of photography and movement to build that buzz of a real crowd. We designed a goalie that had the official home game kit on in the same style as their iconic scooter rider, we built a football that straddled the brand look and feel but still had enough depth and 3d elements to ensure a sense of realism. All these touches helped to build engagement and excitement from users, seating the experience in reality while still keeping everything in line with the Getir brand. This design ultimately all fed into an animated video that played behind the game mechanic.

We also had to ensure that when users won their experience was a truly exciting, dynamic one and so we built in flashing colours and confetti making it feel like something incredible, whatever the financial value of the prize. Our other consideration were ensuring a truly mobile-first experience as there are so many devices at so many sizes with what ultimately is a small canvas to work within, we had to rigorously test the design in order for all to devices perform perfectly with our approach. 

The technical side – digital development

As the product was going to be used within the Spurs stadium with a total capacity of over 60k peoople, we needed to ensure that the product wasn’t going to fall down when large numbers of people were on it. This was combatted by ensuring that the server in place would be able to accommodate the traffic as well as a series of testing including vital load testing. 

We created the information flow from the product to the servers using a custom built API, this meant when users at the stadium scanned the QR code to open the experience the information pulled from the Getir server to define which prizes were available for that particular event, as well as the dynamic prize images to be presented to the user. 

We wanted to utilise existing Getir architecture that was already in place wherever possible and so we chose to leverage their servers and their app verification flow. The product asked for phone verification that also looked up against the individual within the Getir database. If the user hadn’t previously entered that weeks competition they would be sent a unique ID code via SMS to enter in to the app and continue with the game. Implementing the visuals of the game itself actually proved to be one of the most simple elements, seating a video behind the mechanic.


The product launched in the stadium for the home game between Spurs and Manchester United and many prizes were awarded. A unique digital product that paid homage to the great game while still building app downloads and brand awareness was a positive outcome for all involved.

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