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Building an asset management platform that interrogates live data

Design, build and branding for an innovative insight product for instiHub






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A new fintech concept

We were approached by instiHub's founder to help develop the concept for a fintech product and build a viable, revenue-generating platform. We helped to map the blueprint, planning and validating how the product would work, as well as establishing the brand and tone for how the business would look and feel. Working closely with the founding team, we designed, tested and developed a ready-to-launch digital insight product for the asset management industry.

Our product creation was based on an entirely new technology infrastructure for the client. By reporting data derived from the values of actual mandates, we helped calculate performance comparators and forecasting functionality based on true market values as opposed to speculation based on aggregated performance data.

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Refining the brief

From the beginning, we worked with instiHub to answer rigorous questions that would ensure we were all moving in the right direction. Who was this for, why would they use it, how would it be marketed, what were the future growth plans based on success, what kinds of visualisations and user flows did it need to tackle, and what is the value-add for the user?

Our questioning and the validation phase of work meant that both our team and instiHub's team understood the reasoning behind each decision made, so that the end result was measured and tangible.

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A data-led product

Our experience working with expansive datasets and architectures across finance, healthcare and technology has given us a robust and wide-reaching knowledge of data structure, visualisation and management. Sector-specific experience helped our team to quickly understand and interpret the needs of this project. The way we managed the data delivered the best result for the design and functionality of the product.

We designed a system infrastructure that could manage and deliver the data securely. Developing and implementing our own API logic, we helped devise the product schema and worked with instiHub’s technical leads to query their vast data library through efficient and scalable calls.

The result was an entirely new technology infrastructure for instiHub that positioned them with a digital platform that they can continue to build on.

two side by side screenshots of the instihub financial tool showing in-depth line charts and interactive toggles to adjust the charts

Creating the brand's look and feel

The branding had to be easily identifiable, to stand out in the market, but also flexible in how it can be used for data visualisation and user interface design. We built a clear specification that met the brand's needs then crafted an approach that caters for bespoke charting, intricate data display, responsive digital environments, print advertising and online marketing.

photograph of a loptop on a desk containing a still from the instihubs insights website showing data charts

Testing and launch

Data consistency was a vital part of this project's success. Working through an iterative development and testing cycle, we stress tested various use scenarios. We ensured that shrouded data presentation and cross-brand comparisons were working correctly, the product was both stable and secure, all elements worked across different browsers and devices, and would continue to as the product grows.

We broke the testing into sprints, covering data validation, interrogating and manipulating the data filter system and the range of data presentations. Then in the launch phase, we supported instHub with marketing collateral to raise brand and product awareness.

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Building for tomorrow

We helped instiHub take an idea from concept to full product and brand build and launch. Supporting their team with the following services, we co-created a revenue-generating platform in the asset management space:

  1. Strategic brand positioning

  2. Brand creative

  3. Digital product UI, UX design

  4. Database architecture, API creation and prototyping

  5. Digital development and build

  6. Product launch

instiHub has continued to expand on what our team built, and was acquired by AllFunds in 2022.

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