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Positioning and presence

MediaSense have made their name helping major brands get the most out of their – often complex – media ecosystems. Having worked with the likes of Adidas, BP, Virgin Media, and Lexus on their global media buying strategies, they’re no small fry. We were approached and selected to revitalise their brand and create a new digital presence for them that clearly communicated  their vision of the industry and the services they offer to their clients.


We worked closely with the MediaSense team over a series of workshops to lay out the core components of the brand that would inform the rest of the project. Together we identified their unique vision and values and began to create an agreed style of writing for the creation of their brand content. The result was a clearly defined direction and a content strategy for developing the site and taking forward how they speak about their business.

MediaSense logo

 Visual style

Their existing logo needed to be maintained to retain consistency and recognition with their ongoing clients and to build on the equity they had already earned as player in their industry. As such, we used the logo as a primary source for establishing the new visual brand style. We brought forward the vibrant colour palette contained within the logo and created a distinct design sensibility that prioritises a clear presentation of content.

In addition to our work on the site our design work would also need to be applied to a range of brand collateral templates such as word documents and powerpoint presentations. We reviewed how they produced these documents internally and worked with them to create new templates that would help them maintain consistency in their presentations and communication with their clients moving forward.

Icons created for the MediaSense brand, illustrating key traits and service lines


Our mandate was to b

uild an engaging site that clearly communicated their process and service lines, distilling everything they do into language that would make it accessible to all. To aid this effort, service lines were broken down into four main sections, each with its own colour and set of illustrations. This meant that each area of work could be detailed individually and helped to clarify their offering to potential clients.

Another driving force in the development of their new site was to establish MediaSense as a respected resource for news and opinion on the state of the media landscape. They already produced articles and content regularly for external publications, but didn't currently have a reliable process for adding anything to their existing site. We created an area within the new site that enabled them to post both original content as well as feature links to external articles they had either written themselves or thought would be relevant to their audience. We included custom search and filter tagging, as well as an ability to provide downloadable content behind an email submission field that serves as a great way to capture data from interested users.

Image of the 'Our services' page from the MediaSense website design. The page depicts a header image of a man with some leading text next to it. Under that are 4 services split into 4 coloured squares with an icon representing each and bullet points summing them up.
Image of the 'About us' page from the MediaSense website design

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