Building a brand that unites the global release of music

New Music Fridays

Following a competitive pitch, IFPI commissioned our team to create a brand and strategic campaign that would unite the release of music globally to a single, planned day of the week… Friday.

Entitled the New Music Fridays initiative, our brief: to build a brand and visual style that will support a campaign that builds awareness and engagement with both consumers and brands alike. Our client wanted to ‘boost consumer and brand awareness, building anticipation tied to the release of new music – on a global scale’.

Creating a brand style

Assertive and inspiring, we looked to create a modular brand platform that was comprised of creative elements and assets that could be used in different ways. By building this brand inventory, we allowed third parties to expand their own communications and campaigns, adopting the New Music Fridays concept with a sense of ownership and purpose.

Working globally, our core identifier and brand mark needed to be translated for all required languages. All assets were produced and made available for localised advertising and industry use.

A global strategy and application

Our creative was adopted by third party distributors, being used commercially within stores and online.

Consistent implementation

A key challenge for the campaign was the coordinated delivery of assets and brand guidance for music organisations, record labels, and retailers around the world leading up to, and after, the launch. To help with this we created a brand portal where all assets could be accessed.


Our work for New Music Fridays helped create a global campaign that provided an effective and consistent voice across both physical and digital campaigns. With the inclusion of a brand guidelines platform and a simple and coherent website, the campaign was able to be rolled out and used at scale.

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