Building a brand and website for a growing international digital marketing agency


Building the brand

When Peazie approached us with a desire to revitalise their online presence, we soon got into a discussion about their brand and how it was a crucial ingredient in directing their way forward – not only their digital marketing assets, but their steps as a company toward achieving their goals as a business. Branching out from a small startup in Australia to an international player with an office in London as well, we helped clarify their brand messaging so they could confidently establish a successful base of operations in the UK.

Peazie are a company with deep insight into the brands they work with from the history of campaigns and promotions they’ve run. Listening to them discuss their ability to quickly and efficiently build unique campaigns for their clients that generate tangible results, we wanted to create a brand that expressed these traits. We visualised their process using simple geometric building blocks, created a palette of bright colours, and brought everything to life using subtle touches of animation.




Expressive icons

To represent the different aspects of their core operations and support their communication efforts as a brand, we developed a set of icons they could use on the site and in branded presentations and collateral.


“Everything is great . . . I’ve personally found that we’ve made better progress when outreaching to prospective clients because the site is clear and accurately reflects what we do!”

Rhian Cowburn, UK Sales Director

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