Creating a new brand identity for a strategic insight and customer analytics group


STRAT7 is a global strategic insight and customer analytics group. They help businesses to understand, predict and act on change, with technology-powered data and insight solutions. Horizon Capital invested in the business alongside its founders in April 2019. Since the investment, STRAT7 has completed four acquisitions which have enhanced the group’s capabilities and expanded the international footprint to better serve its Enterprise client base. 

↑ Existing brand, shown within website, before Studiomade involvement

A different approach

STRAT7 was looking to continue their successful growth with a new round of funding and company acquisition – expanding on the talent and skillset available to clients as part of the wider group structure. This required a refinement to their brand approach, particularly to visual tone and brand design.

For our Studiomade team, the brief was to quickly provide brand creative routes that could greatly improve the overall presentation of STRAT7, quickly. Pivoting around the concept of ‘Change’, we provided four conceptual directions that were iterated through, visualised and presented for review – each crafted in a way that depicted how the brand direction could inform website, presentations and other brand implementations. 

Partnering with STRAT7, a concept was chosen for final refinement and rollout.

↑ Studiomade x STRAT7 brand application for website – concept
↑ STRAT7 group presentation

Visualising change

Our creative approach introduced custom-made illustrative ‘movement backgrounds’, designed to reflect transition and the positive, commerical momentum that working with STRAT7 provides.

The STRAT7 logo was refined slightly for digital usage, adjusting the weight to make it more robust and legible at smaller sizes.

↑ New STRAT7 branding visualised

Streamlining the role of colour

Usage of colour was of consideration throughout the project. In wanting to project a more unified group approach, colour needed to be consolidated and streamlined in how it was used. We built a new, fresh palette that supported our creative style but was more refined in application.

Our brand-owned textures that were introduced would work in animated and static form supporting the revised role of colour. These backdrops provided a dynamic sense of movement and ‘change’, and allowed different implementations to feel consistent.

This creative approach meant that the brand could be easily expanded by the STRAT7 team, and rolled out across social elements and wider assets such as powerpoint decks, animations etc. In addition, this route meant that the individual companies that sit under STRAT7 not only belong to this umbrella brand visually, but can also retain their own distinct identities.

↑ STRAT7 brand guidance
↑ STRAT7 brand best practice
↑ STRAT7 brand iconography
↑ STRAT7: Customer-centricity

Supporting brand elements

The approach and usage of photography was reviewed throughout the project, with our team selecting images that were much more natural and realistic as well as laying a brand color over the top in various layers of transparency to provide a feel of ownership.

As the client was implementing the new designs themselves across the website and their wider materials, we compiled a brand guidelines document that provided guidance on best practice.

↑ STRAT7 x Studiomade

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