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The Guinness Partnership

Showcasing a 125 year history of The Guinness Partnership

Digital Innovation

The Guinness Partnership

A historic brand

The Guinness Partnership owns and manages nearly 60,000 homes across England, providing services for more than 120,000 customers and care services for more than 10,000 people.

In celebrating their 125th anniversary the Guinness Partnership wanted an interactive, engaging way to tell the story of the organisation and its role in UK communities throughout history. Over those 125 years, they had amassed an archive with a wealth of documents, photographs, and ephemera that we wanted to bring to the forefront of this project.

Additionally, they had a plan to conduct ongoing interviews and activities with members of their various communities that were to be featured on the site. We worked with them to create a digital system that allowed their team to fully create sections of historical content and add new materials as they were made available – all within the website.


Form follows function

Other sections such as a timeline of their events throughout history, an interactive map of their historical and current housing developments, and a fully searchable gallery of all materials uploaded to the site were created in order to facilitate an informative and entertaining experience with their content.

Our design and development approach centered around a modular, systematic design style that would flex to the needs of each chapter. By introducing a vibrant colour palette coupled with a typographic library that catered to wide-ranging levels of content and hierarchy, we were able to pace the reading experience benefiting the audience.

A timeline of The Guinness Partnership's key events throughout history, plotted alongside world events.

Empowering exploration with Mapbox

Utilising the power of Opensource technology Mapbox, we created a responsive and interactive mapping tool that enabled users to explore the breadth of housing that Guinness has been providing for the past 125 years. The map listed each location with key contextual information which then linked through to the appropriate featured chapters and/or gallery pages.

Asset 1


Being awarded the opportunity of creating a digital presence that celebrated a key milestone in The Guinness Partnership’s history was a fantastic challenge.

From the very outset, our depth of knowledge of working with WordPress as an OpenSource CMS meant that our team had the expertise to create a truly modular editing experience that worked for the benefit of our client and their editorial team, supporting them moving forwards with curating content across the site.

“The Guinness Partnership had such a wealth of beautiful archive photography and intriguing stories that they required a custom, creative experience produced within a manageable budget – our experience of utilising the WordPress platform as a powerful engine, coupled with our knowledge of other technologies such as Mapbox created a unified, interactive user experience that made the historical content and archive truly accessible.” – Phil Reid. 


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