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Global Insight is Universal Music Group’s internal data team. They empower their international workforce with the ability to easily gain access to vital data about the music industry and Universal’s work.

A familiar problem for many established companies, this dedicated business division needed to unite under a common vision, with an identity that helped signpost their involvement and presence throughout the wider company and across global regions.

Our team were commissioned to help with this brand activity, creating a presence that fitted within Universal’s brand guidelines whilst allowing for a more engaging approach that created greater recognition.

A brand style

As part of this positioning piece, we wanted to create a visual identity that could easily be adopted by the team. Our design therefore ensured that a systematic style was created, with a Microsoft friendly approach considered for colour overlays, visual construction including shapes and consistent typographic treatment.

Tools and assets

Our input within this project involved overall brand creation, with the design of a new logotype and avatar, production of visual brand guidelines for educating internal teams on usage, as well as the generation of Microsoft Office templates and HTML email campaigns built around Mailchimp.

Customisable, we created several Mailchimp emailer templates for the team allowing for internal updates across a range of topics.

The email templates were designed to be responsive for mobile devices as demonstrated here.

User-friendly templates

Internal process was naturally reliant on Microsort tools, therefore specific Microsoft Word templates were created so that members of the team could easily edit content, keeping one another up-to-date with the ever-changing music industry.

Brand iconography

An extensive icon suite that could be used across all communications was created to support the overall brand direction. Designed specifically for the themes and topics of interest within the division, the icons built an easily identifiable brand language that felt owned by the Global Insights team.

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