Creating a single unifying healthcare brand for LSE-listed company Wilmington Plc

Wilmington Healthcare

A unified brand

Working with our wonderful friends at ZPB Associates we were appointed by Wilmington PLC to create a unified brand that presented a new business proposition within healthcare. Unifying several different existing healthcare brands including Binleys and Wellards, the vision and brief was to create a single, parent brand for Wilmington Healthcare that whilst sensitive to Wilmington’s brand guidelines would present a new platform for the healthcare care division.

Creating a vision for the brand

Working within Wilmington’s existing brand framework, we identified a need to create a flexible brand platform and visual approach that the internal team, including designers, could work with, adopt and expand with a view to retaining a sense of ownership and authenticity in the ongoing creative work and campaigns that they produce.


Wilmington Healthcare



A strategic concept

Introducing brand positioning that centred around a clear, articulated concept of Wilmington Healthcare translating complex intelligence into actionable insights and sustainable outcomes,  our use of illustration helped to represent this messaging. The use of the linework, and focus of a single line output forms part of the Wilmington Healthcare brand, being utilised in different ways to visually support messaging and brand statements. Used with purpose and to help tell a story or to guide a reader visually through a narrative, the concept reflected the core value traits of Intelligence, Expertise and Collaboration.



A visual tool

The line can be utilised to create bespoke iconography and illustrations within the brand. This offers flexibility while retaining a recognisable brand style and treatment. Recorded within our customary brand guidelines and toolkit, guidance on how to work with the brand and design within it was supported by internal workshops with Wilmington Healthcare designers within our studio.

“By connecting and collaborating with healthcare communities, Wilmington Healthcare translates complex intelligence into actionable insights and sustainable outcomes.”


The development of the brand

Extended across collateral and physical experiences the brand was tested across multiple environments.

Building a digital presence, powered by WordPress

Once we were happy with how the modules performed we began to build up each page and area of the site using these core modules as building blocks. The benefit of this was that we could test the modules at the very start, all at once, therefore catching, reviewing and iterating through development discoveries and challenges early.

Working this way enabled the design and development team to work together and create a product which was superior in consistency resulting in a leaner design and build.

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