Delivering an inspiring ESG campaign for a global investment management firm

AXA × Broadridge

The challenge

AXA commissioned Broadridge to provide knowledge and research insight into the exciting topic of ESG investing. As an agency, Studiomade are a long-term creative partner to Broadridge. We provided the creation and activation to this campaign, designing and crafting reporting elements including the ESG Report and associated social assets and video content.

Report creative approach

The AXA brand needed to be best represented. This meant crafting an approach that adhered to the brand guidelines,including integrating photography as a key part of the visual style. We invested time to research and select images that really reflected the content well, alongside providing a visually-appealing design balance across the report and social content. We also had to ensure that each data story was reflected using the best data visualisation tools for readers to interpret. For example, does a pie chart show the information most clearly, do we need to use a specific charting style to allow for multiple comparisons etc. Successful data visualisation requires a balance of aesthetic and practicality. This was acheived with great effect throughout the report and campaign.

Project management

As this project was a collaborative effort from the insights team at Broadridge and the brand team at AXA, we had to make sure that all design elements were signed off by both teams to agree the presentation of the findings as well as agree the design and interpretation of the brand guidelines. We worked closely with the French-based brand team to ensure that the interpretation was in line with their requirements as well as the stewardship of the insights team at Broadridge – ensuring that the story of the research and data was presented correctly so as to be consistent throughout.


Using the AXA brand guidelines, our team created an engaging creative style for a thought-leadership campaign profiling ESG. With a style that carried through across report design as well as a series of animated social activations, we were able to provide positive campaign promotion whilst helping to generate interest and conversation.

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