Repositioning a leading HealthTech digital product


Bleepa is a revolutionary HealthTech digital product that seeks to resolve the issues that the NHS have been hounded by for the last decade; interoperability of systems, siloed specialist care, remote working. The clinical chat App hopes to revolutionise the way that clinicians work, making their lives easier, more efficient and most importantly of all improving patient care. 

Bleepa is currently one of the only communications tools accredited as a medical device for use within the NHS. We were approached to help grow awareness around the product and brand, socially establishing a content creation strategy that we activated whilst also evolving the product’s digital presence and associated product range.


Bleepa had an existing website however it was overwhelmed with information and lacked clarity on what users should take away from the site or understand about the product. We wanted to position Bleepa to very much be a HealthTech, innovative product. This meant presenting the digital App to market in a better, more visual manner that best reflected it to potential customers. Aligning it alongside the  Apple, Samsung, Alexa’s of the world, making the product feel self-assured and market-leading.

We also needed to resolve the messaging so that the brand could own a tone that resonated with its clinical audiences as well as identifying clear headlines that could then be built on in greater detail throughout the site effectively showing the benefits of the product. 

A really strong website needed to be in place before we could start looking at driving any traffic to it. We needed to make sure that any subsequent campaigns were visually and tonally consistent with the site to prevent high bounce rates and ultimately a poor return on investment from any paid social activity with a lack of conversions.

Messaging and Creative: Insight

As part of our messaging strategy, our team crafted a series of five potential key message points for Bleepa and, using the existing brand framework, created simple text-based adverts that were run and tested across Facebook using a broad, medically-focussed audience group. This allowed for data review and message tailoring in the next round. Our message alterations were based on messaging response rates, and on the insight of advert performance.

The message of ‘Secure Clinical Chat’ was overwhelmingly the most successful and therefore we then used this to move to the next level of testing, around tone and creative. 

We created a variation of tones to test: ‘Bold, clear and direct’, ‘emotive and approachable’ as well as ‘intelligent, clever and precise’ so that we could ensure that what we moved forward with was based on engagement, not assumption. 

With this research we had a brief for the user journeys, including website messaging. We knew that ‘secure clinical chat’ was going to be the main point of difference and that the tone we were going to use was ‘intelligent, clever and precise’.

Website: Design and development

The current digital presence would benefit from changes that brought it inline with the messaging research, intended user journey and lead generation route that we had planned. As such, we set about implementing improvements that were going to align with our strategy of positioning Bleepa as a market leading HealthTech product. 

Our team led by Emma Marks carried out an initial website audit, reviewing the UI and UX of the existing site and analytics to see how users were interacting with it. We could then define where opportunities for change existed, prioritising the home page and the demo page, which are so integral to sales conversion. 

Our new website design had strong, clear messaging throughout with a consistent tone as well as making Bleepa the digital product and App itself the focus with a clean presentation as laid out in our strategy. We streamlined the role of call-to-actions throughout the site so as to keep the user journey clear and purposeful, as we funnelled users towards the demo page so that we could demonstrate the product within a video and validate the messaging. In doing so, we hoped to push visitors to a point of contact and ultimately a conversion that could be tracked through analytics and custom events, pulling them through to the next level of the sales funnel. 

Brand growth: campaigning

With a new website in place that better defined the user journey and intended conversion points, coupled with a really strong presentation of the product, we could focus on driving traffic there. We created a number of marketable campaigns that we could promote across paid Facebook and LinkedIn channels using our newly defined brand tone that we’d run throughout the website and which had been tested across defined audiences. This consistency of look and feel as well as brand personality across all materials really helps to build engagement as not only does it display a consistency and suggests authority with a clarity of offer, but it also validates engagement materials for users, confirming assumptions at each step. 

The campaigns that were run focussed on breaking down the digital product and tool into more detail, demonstrating exactly how Bleepa benefits clinicians and medical procurement teams. One campaign that we designed and ran included a downloadable fact sheet so that we could monitor the downloads, as well as giving the client materials that could be used as part of the sales funnel going forward.

“The expert guidance that Studiomade has provided to help shape our digital content strategy, test and hone our brand message with our target audiences has been invaluable. They are a trusted extension of our marketing team, working closely with us on the creative projects, driving the work forward and reflecting on successes and areas for improvement.”

Carrie Goldsworthy, Marketing and Communications Lead


Within the last six months of working with Bleepa we have realigned their offer and brand to better position within medtech, where it belongs as one of the leading medical communication apps available on the market. We have utilised this new brand to help grow engagement from all of audience types, gaining followers, making them part of the conversation and building their audience. Ultimately our team have supported theirs to help to improve sales and provide tools to continue to grow as a business, assisting Bleepa to occupy a unique position within the market that they can capitalise on.

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