Building a new website system for registration and fundraising inspiration on behalf of Byte Night

Action for Children – Byte Night

Byte Night is an annual event put on by Action for Children with individuals and teams from technology and business services to raise funds to prevent youth homelessness. It has been running since 1998 and now takes place at 12 locations across the country, with more than 1500 participants taking part last year.

We worked with Action for Children crafting a new digital experience that included planning the ideal flow for registering for the event and all the different functionality requirements that needed to be in place. We created a flexible mapping system to clearly show where each event was taking place and have a spotlight on the details specific to each location. As part of this process we worked with JustGiving to develop a registration process that integrated their fundraising page manipulation API enabling us to automatically create pages on their behalf and update its fundraising details as more team members join.

Understanding user need

For the main content on the website, fundraising resources and inspiration were both a core need that users had which we seeked to meet. We created a bespoke WordPress solution and flexible system that enabled Action for Children’s internal staff to add and update content as they found inspiring stories and tips to write.

Delivering to brand

We used Action for Children’s newly established brand guidelines to inform our design approach for the website. Additionally, we designed a suite of custom illustrations to help bring a lighter tone to the content.


Action for Children were provided a robust and flexible environment that grew with the Byte Night event, successfully being used for multiple years. A fully integrated JustGiving fundraising page creation API meant that users could dive straight into fundraising as soon as they were ready.

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