Campaign and conversation building around the global focus of Healthy Ageing

Healthcare UK (GOV.UK)

Healthcare UK are a division of the government (GOV.UK) that work constantly to promote the UK’s incredible healthcare companies and services by forging partnerships and helping them to secure procurement opportunities overseas. They work with a myriad of organisations such as charities, hospitals, governments, advisory boards and possess a reach that is incredibly broad. 

One topic of interest that Healthcare UK wanted to create a campaign around was healthy ageing. The global population is continuing to age, with the pace of ageing increasing rapidly. In 2019, the United Nations’ World Population Prospects report projected that by 2030, the number of people aged 60 and over will rise by 38 per cent, from 1 billion to 1.4 billion. Globally, this age group will outnumber youth, and the increase will be greatest and fastest in the developing world – a very hot topic, and one that is a priority for countries across the globe. 

Healthcare UK had created contextual information that included company insight on service providers that can assist in the provision of technology, infrastrucutre and other services supporting healthy ageing. What was lacking however was a positional piece and conversation on why health ageing matters? What is the reason behind the need to focus on healthy ageing as an agenda and utlimately why is this topic important?


We set about identifying a terriotority of conversation that Healthcare UK could own. In doing so, we laid out key aims and objectives: 

  1. Enhance the UK’s reputation as a global leader in Healthy Ageing, Focus on driving opportunities in the life sciences and health & social care sectors, in order to:  
  2. Establish the UK as the preferred partner for innovation in a Healthy Ageing society 
  3. Support the global challenge of ageing societies 
  4. Promote Trade & Investment opportunities globally 
  5. Develop mutual prosperity through industry & healthcare partnerships to learn about innovations that can be brought back to the UK 
  6. Identify global opportunities for UK innovative Healthy Ageing companies and connect UK companies to these opportunities.

Healthcare UK had already produced a brochure that shared inspiring case studies and UK companies that could deliver the solutions to healthy ageing, however they were struggling to get people to engage in the way that they wanted them to. In order to really engage their audiences and answer their objectives we needed to help Healthcare UK own the conversation around healthy ageing. We needed to show the problem, before we shared the answer. In helping them own the conversation, they would become authoritative figures within the industry. 

Our work

We proposed to author and craft a white paper that we could build a campaign around. We wanted to bring much needed context to the issue for different audiences, really helping people understand the topic and their countries’ place in the global picture.  

Making use of partnerships

In order to bring new information to the debate we made use of Healthcare UK’s invaluable connections and respected global partners, asking them to contribute their insight and research to a regional deep dive section. Not many companies would be able to pull from such a broad pool of knowledge and so this was a real USP of the report. It also really helped to frame the global issue, joining together each of the challenges faced across healthy ageing and sharing the nuances faced by different societies. 

Productising information

When working together to understand the historical work that Healthcare UK had done around the topic they shared with us a ‘healthy ageing pathway’ that they had made. This stated the different steps that countries or health services should be taking that will lead to healthy ageing. This seemed a key element for the campaign, something that was shareable, that helped countries to plot their efforts and something that outlined the areas that needed to be tackled, which would ultimately give the Healthcare UK team a springboard to link up to the services that they promote. 

Look and feel

Healthcare UK are part of the award-winning GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland campaign – the UK’s international brand marketing campaign, which works closely with UK businesses, not-for-profit organisations and high-profile figures to promote the best of the UK abroad. These guidelines led on the overarching branding, however we brought in a lighter touch with inspiring photography and custom illustrations that providied a distinct look and feel to lift the mood of the report. 


Campaign launch

We wanted to ensure that there was a real campaign presence around the report, to make sure that it had the impact that it should within Healthcare UK’s audiences, and ultimately gather interest. We created assets for the campaign website which featured call-to-actions to download the report and to join the conversation.

In addition, our team built a full social campaign that continued the creative style that we’d created throughout the report, really making use of the illustrations to drip feed key facts and figures to entice people to download the report. We ensured these were all animated to gain the highest engagement that we could as well as utilising key hashtags so we could monitor the popularity of the campaign. 

We also wanted to make sure that where possible we were making the most of any earnt media. We built media packs for the contributing partners that featured within the deep dive, building social animations that could be re-posted from their channels talking of their involvement in the report as well as static assets so they could feature it on their digital presence or anywhere else that they deemed appropriate. 

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