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Designing an event presence and digital sales tool for Healthcare UK at Arab Health

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Healthcare UK – Hospital of the Future

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Healthcare UK is part of the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for International Trade and exists to help UK healthcare providers expand their business offering overseas. They do this by promoting the UK healthcare sector to overseas markets and supporting healthcare partnerships between the UK and overseas healthcare providers.

We were approached by Healthcare UK to help deliver the brand style, event graphics, digital sales tool and associated printed materials as part of their Arab Health exhibition stand in the Dubai World Trade centre.

Arab Health is the largest healthcare event in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and generated business worth US $778 million between medical manufacturers and visitors last year.
Healthcare uk logo, department of health and social care logo, department of international trade logo and NHS england logo

Project goals

The intent of the event presence in Dubai was to promote UK healthcare experience and knowledge, displaying the world-leading technology, building and infrastructures and supplier network that puts the UK at the forefront of the healthcare market. This incredible experience would be showcased to prospective market clients looking to utilise and implement this experience within their region.

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The challenge

A clear and exciting strategic proposition existed entitled “Hospital of the Future”. By presenting the UK as being the catalyst for creating world-leading hospital environments through architecture, technology, data, medical and infrastructure advancements, the UK could showcase its experienced suppliers for global commerce.

The nature of the proposition meant that a visual style and tone of voice which provided consistency for all media and event elements needed to be created that best represented the innovative vision in a consistent form – suitable for the localised market. The stand itself was planned to have a number of elements; an 8 metre screen featuring video, 4 touchscreens that would operate as an interactive engagement area, a hologram and a number of printed materials.

In order to make sure that the stand looked unified we created this brand style that aligned to the GREAT branding from the UK Government and reflected the aspirational tone of innovation. This was then applied to all material and products that we produced for the event, and was shared as a vision with third party creators such as Engage Works who produced the incredible Hypervsn Hologram featured at the event.

photos of the event stand in situ showcasing a bright screen and the hologram in action

Breaking down the message

In order to achieve the goal of connecting potential clients to UK suppliers we needed visitors to be able to quickly access relevant supplier information.

With the stand providing a space for engagement through four touchscreens, we created a digital tool that could be accessed both within the event environment and externally from all devices. Providing an overview to the concept of Hospital of the Future, as well as showcasing each individual supplier the tool provoked visitor interest across three categories: design, build and operate.

We created a visual system that represented these three areas of interest that was consistently applied across the stand, hologram and through print material. The audience learnt about the benefits to each area of experience and utilised the tool to request direct information and contact from suppliers that could help in each given area.

Developing a digital tool

a photo from the healthcare event with people standing around the popup
the homepage of the hospital of the future site within an ipad

Delivering a design solution

Within our creative style, abstract thin grey lines referenced technology and architecture as well as having a sense of movement and flow to the overall approach. This also gave a strong backdrop to the more attention grabbing elements within the stand; the video and hologram. Centralised around a core visual mark, we applied this style through all collateral.

hospital of the future logo
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An engaging event experience

The Arab Health event was extremely successful for Healthcare UK who helped promote the vision of Hospital of the Future as well as establishing a digital tool that can grow and flex moving forwards – with the scope for wider global launches and rollout. The show saw 51,985 visitors from 159 countries attend, with Suppliers from the tool receiving validated interest and lead generation.

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