Building a campaign for a cutting edge new healthcare initiative

An exciting new campaign rollout for an initiative promoting cutting edge UK healthcare companies.





Healthcare UK

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Healthcare UK are a long trusted client who we’ve been lucky enough to work with across a number of projects. 

Life Sciences Innovators (LSI) was a brand new initiative for them. They wanted to select 50 UK innovators across six defined categories of Life Sciences to promote the cutting edge companies that specialise in medical technology, therapeutics, drug delivery, digital solutions, diagnostics and precision medicine, plus other specialisms that we have in the UK. 

The client required a visual style to be created that would be ownable yet sit under the UK’s GREAT branding. Our team supported on the designing and producing all material srequired to launch the initiative, as well as continuing to grow it each year from a social perspective. We delivered a website, overview video, printed elements, social posts and a toolkit that could be shared with Innnovation winners to access assets that they could use for their own promotion.

Innovation badges

Perhaps one of the most important parts of the design process was creating the badge for the initiative as well as badges that the winners would receive for each category. We worked closely with the GREAT brand team to ensure that we were aligned to there brand guidelines while still providing a distinct look and feel for LSI.

Bringing the initiative to life through video

As video gains such a large amount of engagement on social, and provides a quick and compelling way to communicate key information around a project to a wide range of audiences, we wanted to build a short video that they could be used in presentations and promotion for r LSI. This video would also sit within website serving as an overview. We crafted this video to punchy, snappy and exciting, weaving quick transitions and a leading backing track to provide that feeling of innovation. 

A digital experience

For the website design and build we had to work within an existing development platform of Aventri which places certain restrictions on how design elements can be achieved, compared to a truly independent build process. However, to ensure that the website felt dynamic, we worked with GREAT branded photography and animation to inject a unique style to the overall experience.

Social activation

Aware that this initiative would need some internal and external promotion to encourage the most cutting edge companies to apply each year, we built a series of social posts that could be utilised for promoting key goals and user interest. These were predominantly animated to ensure the highest engagement and included: 

  • General awareness

  • Congratulating winners

  • Encouraging applications

  • Event promotion: when the winners were appearing alongside the Department of Life Sciences at various events.

The Toolkit

With such a breadth of materials produced for this project, we wanted to tie everything together for our client and for their winners so that they could utilise all of the assets correctly and help to build brand engagement as well as awareness. We created an internal toolkit for the Department of Life and Sciences to use so that whichever team member was required to execute anything on the project could do so consistently. We also built an external toolkit that could be shared with winners/participants so that they could also promote the initiative across their own social presence, through email footers and other forms of engagement.