A collage of a car made up of puzzle pieces of other Nissan cars through the ages

Logo heritage campaign

A celebration of 80 years of automotive history






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Looking back on the heritage of the Nissan brand

Nissan’s brand identity has always reflected the meaning of the company name. Indeed, in Japanese characters, “Nissan” can translate as “sun product” or “birth of the sun” – giving rise to the now-famous brand logo that boasts more than 80 years of automotive history. But how did it evolve from its humble origins into the globally-recognised motif seen today?


Simple, digital interaction

Nissan, and Edelman, wanted to explore a way to share this incredible heritage while also detailing to audiences some of their more notable cars from across the years. Our brief was to provide a digital component that could be embedded into an existing webpage.

We wanted to keep a sense of fun to the digital piece and so we created a collage using different elements from each historical vehicle that, when a user clicked, took them through to reveal the logo from that year of manufacture. We built the coded element for the piece, providing source-code direct to the Nissan team to activation within their ‘Nissan Stories’ site.

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