Launching Nissan’s digital guide to travelling Stockholm the electric way

Nissan Travel Guide

Digital activation campaign

We were approached by Nissan through our trusted partners at Edelman to create a unique digital activation campaign to promote low carbon footprint adventures, best undertaken in Nissan’s electric vehicles. They wanted it to be exciting, digitally-led, easily shareable and measurable with the plan to launch exclusively for influencers as part of an event in Stockholm.

Our aim was to harness the large shift towards more sustainable travel choices to align with the positive credentials of using an EV – this resulted in the creation of an interactive travel guide with the first destination as Stockholm. Successful campaigns often align with consumer trends and appetites, helping share brand values which builds engagement and ultimately boosts product interest.

Integrating interactive mapping

In order to craft a truly interactive experience we wanted to make the focus a map so that users were provided a guide to an ecosystem of sustainable travel destinations, alongside a recommended route to these selections. We looked to integrate a mapping system that was going to be able to provide advanced functionality and styling capabilities and so opted to use Mapbox, a platform that we have strong knowledge in building solutions within.

There is a large amount of flexibility to this infrastructure meaning that we could implement it within the Nissan brand without making visual compromises and it also wouldn’t charge every time a user interacts with it as some other providers do, making it a good choice for our clients.

We set about creating categories for each destination within the map so that users could select what was of most interest to them such as ‘area of natural beauty’ or ‘restaurants’, each destination then can be expanded upon to provide in-depth detail as well as a TripAdvisor and Google Maps linking for users to quickly and simply gather more information. These categories can also be added to going forwards as the experience expands.


Creating engagement

Accessibility for all

Nissan wanted to ensure that the experience was available to as many people as possible and so we developed multi-lingual functionality with current support of 5 languages including English. This functionality could then be utilised going forward if the client wishes to add further languages in the future.

Building your framework and infrastructure in a modular and progressive manner is so important to digital product creation, which is why a good brief at the start of the project that takes into account the future life of the tool and intended audience usage can really make or break long-term success.

Building awarenesss for an exciting EV range

We wanted to ensure that the underlying focus of the experience was still related to Nissan’s innovation in electrification. The site includes information on the 100% electric Nissan Ariya, how electric vehicles work and charging details keeping this at the forefront of users minds to show how Nissan is helping drivers who want to make more conscious lifestyle choices. We also included a quick link within the tool that gave a small overview of each of the EVs available within the Nissan range and a link out to their sales product pages to find more information.

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