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How many times have you shouted at a screen with the words ‘I just want to talk to a person’? The online world has many perks but what happens when ‘computer says no’? You’re not alone. 78% of UK consumers say they’ll want to interact with a real person more as technology improves.¹ 69% of UK consumers use the phone for customer service, making it an essential part of an omni-channel approach.²

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  2. Microsoft, State Of Global Customer Service Report, 2017

Phone Names have the solution for you. Simply dial in the phone code (e.g. 0800), then spell the name, product or service you want to reach using the letters on the telephone keypad.




We wanted to create a sense of simplicity and clarity in the design work for the Phone Names brand. We developed a streamlined core colour palette with accents to be able to clearly highlight calls to action or key pieces of information for the brand’s audience.

We wanted to use photography within the brand look and feel as we thought this would translate well on social advertising as well as pairing with custom animations that we’d built to reference the phone names. We used quite dark tonal photography showing detailed elements so that we could create an approach that related to the full service luxury experience we wanted brands to create for themselves.

The result is a new digital presence and engagement campaign that is as effective as it is simple. Just like the business.

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