A photo of a printed report detailing area population in the uk in an infographic

Creation of a clinical and data led brand for a new diverse healthcare initiative

Implementation of their new brand on a report





Q – The Health Foundation

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Q is an initiative from The Health Foundation was designed together with 231 founding members. This helps ensure it is genuinely useful to the diverse range of people leading improvement. Q will continue to evolve – being shaped with and by the community as it grows. The community has recently reached 4,000 members across the UK and Ireland.

Q is a long-term initiative aiming to support individuals and their improvement work. Through this, Q benefits member organisations and the populations they serve. It has been designed to complement and enhance other initiatives and networks. People in the community pool together their knowledge, insights and connections – encouraging collaborative ways of making improvements.

The community is made up of a diverse range of people including those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, researchers, commissioners, policymakers and others. This boosts the power of Q as a source of innovation and practical problem solving by including a wide range of perspectives.

We worked with the Health Foundation to create an identity for the group that sat within the Health Foundation brand, this was then translated across their first report.

A photo of a printed report detailing area population in the uk in an infographic
A photo of a printed report detailing the appendix title
A zoomed in photo of the printed Q report detailing a graph
a zoomed in photo of a printed Q report