Reporting performance for global sports marketing agency TLA Worldwide

TLA Annual Report

Reporting performance

TLA Worldwide are one of the world’s leading sports marketing agencies responsible for representing world class sports talent. We have worked closely with them for five years having developed their brand, handling it’s positioning as part of M&A and creating business-focused digital products alongside reporting business performance.

To reflect the growth and impact of TLA within the industry and as part of their listed reporting, this year we developed a bold, confident and high impact aesthetic. This came through by both the physical and digital report – high impact colour, monotone photography and strong typography combining to create an assertive look and feel.

A tactile physical report

The physical report was an opportunity for the client to explore tactile stock options that best reflected the design vision. G.F Smith Colorplan in Citrine lent incredible impact to the cover with the texture creating an elevated, luxury brand experience. The sense of touch was again reinforced within the report to help define opening, editorial sections alongside more detailed financial information. Full gloss for editorial highlights with large, bold imagery and an offset, finer weight finish for all important Financial Statements helped identify both areas of the Report for the reader.

A Digital experience

We understood the need for an integrated approach and created a digital version of the Report to best accompany the physical. This provided stakeholders a richer, streamlined experience with highlight and overview information quickly accessible. Statistics utilised subtle animations and embedding video provided brand exposure and context whilst also allowing us to showcase TLA talent.


The combination of digital and physical allows for wider audience engagement and presents the report as a unified brand piece. Design and production combined to help reinforce the TLA brand ethos of bold industry leadership – representing this to shareholders across the UK, USA and Australia.

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