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Helping navigate digital transformation

Through merger and acquisition, our Enterprise client had built an inventory of products assembled both from internal innovation and external acquisition. Products were described differently, looked different and ultimately were not cohesively presented to market as a core offering. There was a commercial need for a go-to-market strategy for upwards of twenty products, delivered through an accessible, digital sales experience that was unified for customers and progressive in scale.

Creating a consistent digital experience for users looking to access Broadridge products and insight required strategic design thinking, alongside the learning and embracing of key working knowledge to existing proprietary systems.

Product strategy

Our role was to help formulate a common approach across presentation, tone of voice and brand look and feel – bringing these products to market as part of a single, consistent core product suite. Coupled with this, and in order to hold all of these products and insight in one place, the need developed for the creation of a single destination. The result was the Distribution Insight platform, a new future-facing website for Broadridge that could become their repository for everything Distribution-focused. 

Our team set about understanding the product range, revenue mechanism, distribution and release schedule, associated content, regional outlook, and more across products and insight. With this information, we built a design system that would cater for all occasions, and helped support multiple global teams on a growth strategy and activation programme for bringing this to market.

Brand positioning

A consistent look and feel was key to the success of the platform. As well as their own products, Broadridge acquires companies as part of its growth strategy and these products had to conform but also retain some sense of brand legacy. Everything needed to look like it belonged to Broadridge and embodied the same brand vision and values. 

We worked with the US brand team to ensure that everything created conformed to core guidance, whilst also developing a digital directive that helped shape other areas of the business.

Digital transformation

We adopted an integrated-team approach to help provide expert User Interface, User Experience and digital development support with multiple internal teams helping build and develop different aspects of the Platform environment and product range.

Working closely together allowed us to support technical decision-making, providing rapid prototyping for key elements. This included research and development across integration and administrative logic, unique content mapping and infrastructure strategy.

Campaign activation

As an agency, our principle is to support organisations with core brand growth. Regularly we are commissioned to help launch, and grow, campaign engagement as part of a proposition. Our work with Broadridge has been no different, with creative executions across motion, interactive advertising and wider campaign creation being conducted since launch.

This work has been featured across the Financial Times, Reuters, Ignites, Funds Europe and other publishing platforms.

4 adverts to promote Broadridge ESG focussed report. Showing report and various headlines ↑ 4 adverts to promote Broadridge ESG focussed report. Showing report and various headlines


We continue to help Broadridge not only establish a unique digital destination for the promotion, sales and access to a suite of Distribution products – both analytical and insight focused – but maintain it. Our input has helped craft a unified sales proposition, distinct visual approach and strategy to an entirely new digital sales concept and conceive, plan, design and launch a single digital environment for shared digital product access.

By supporting their team with the following key services we were able to become an extension of their global team, supporting the organisation across multiple business units:

  1. Strategic brand positioning
  2. Product positioning and development
  3. Brand creative
  4. Digital product UI, UX and design
  5. Digital architecture and prototyping
  6. Digital development and build
  7. Product launch
  8. Campaign activation and social activity

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