Image of the Red Red website on a laptop, the page is introducing chef Zoe. The laptop sits on a vibrant, patterned, purple background

A digital presence for Red Red, a new UK vegan food brand product from Unilever

Building a site that echoed the excitement of the brand


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Our brief was to create a cohesive digital experience for a unique new vegan dry food product launching in the UK all within a short timeframe of just six weeks. The brand was exciting featuring bold colours, unique photography and collaborations from creatives within food, fashion and lifestyle. Everything about the project was high energy.

Red Red video mockup on laptop with brand patterning

The site needed to be just one page, keeping it simple with maximum impact. We exploited the size and simplicity by creating fun interactions through hover states and animated elements, giving it a real sense of life. We also had the luxury of great images and so we gave them the space they deserved making a number of full width.

Digital presence

The scrolling and interplay of the site needed consideration, ensuring that it worked perfectly across both mobile and desktop. The result required multiple breakpoints that allowed for a phased scrolling environment on desktop and continued scrolling for mobile. The impact meant that creative distributed socially felt united and supported the website presentation.

Mockup of a mobile Red Red instagram post
Laptop mockup of the three Red Red flavour variants, each on their own vivid colour background - red, yellow and purple

Within the digital presence, ensuring that typographic choices reflected what was intended for print was important. The brand font, Wildfire, shouted personality, however it needed care to best reflect it digitally. The font wasn’t optimised for digital viewing and so we had to kern each individual character to make for a truly natural reading experience... lots of pixel adjustment!

Illustration that demonstrates the art of kerning letters in the word 'lunch'


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