a mockup of various iphone screenshots of the app showcasing illustration and stages of purchasing a card.

A new app to create personalised greetings and invitations

An MVP and a fun, playful brand for creator platform Grappzie






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Grappzie is an app where users can create bespoke greetings, invitations and personalised designs in minutes, then share them digitally through WhatsApp (especially Groups), iMessage, email etc. The platform also provides high-quality, on-demand physical prints, so users can send their cards and designs through the post.

a woman holding an iphone with the app in view looking through the cards page.

We helped design and build the brand and develop the product, and we had such faith in the product and concept that we also became a key investor for the company.

The product entered the market within a year of the initial concept, including pre-seed investment and brand establishment.

Creating a fun, aspirational brand

The look and feel for the product had to be approachable and fun, to reflect the personality of the product. We chose a bright colour palette and a font family that has a playful element, which then informed the styling throughout. We designed an illustrative style that was punctuated with fun lifestyle photography.

Digital marketing was central to the product's growth so we created a brand that would translate well across all devices and platforms.

Grappzie slogan: "Send something special with Grappzie"

The digital product

We worked in an agile way, designing the user journey flow, working in design sprints and testing our design and UX theory with users, putting our learnings and user feedback into practice as we developed the app. We made the UI as simple and clear as possible so that it was intuitive to use and clearly signposted.  

Launching Grappzie

Throughout the development process we shared insight and strategy around how to grow Grappzie’s market share in such a large industry. One idea that we pursued was introducing artists' and illustrators' designs to the platform, to build a creative community within it. This allows users access to exclusive designs that they can also personalise, adding another valuable feature to the product.

We're continuing to support and work with Grappzie as the platform grows.

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