Using social effectively at The World Economic Forum

Creating dynamic social identity for DP World

DP World are a logistics company operating a diverse network of trade on a global scale. They provide access to some of the world’s busiest production centres, as well as its largest consumer markets, in mature and emerging economies. Their operations include ports and terminals, but also industrial parks, logistics and economic zones, maritime services and marinas. DP World pride themselves for being at the forefront of exciting technology such as their pioneering work on the Hyperloop system.

The brief

DP World needed an exciting campaign concept for their social presence for the World Economic Forum in Davos. The campaign had to be cohesive across all social including Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We wanted to reference Davos as well as incorporating an exciting use of the DP Brand within digital. The final direction selected included a really nice sense of depth created through the use of gradients and softly styled the mountain ranges of Davos incorporating the coloured brand lines that swooped and played around the shapes.

Social delivery

We delivered Linkedin header templates, Instagram frames, Instagram story stickers and Twitter assets. The use of all of these elements across every facet of the DP World brand created a ‘take over’ of their media really drawing attention to their presence at the World Economic Forum (WEF). The animation style as well as the gifs used throughout social gave their marketing team really exciting tools that brought their messaging to life and gave their social presence a real sense of energy.

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